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Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

We offer on-demand skilled IT professionals on a contract basis.

 Flexible candidate options: Onshore/offshore, remote/onsite.
 Fast delivery of mainstream tech profiles.
 Quick evaluation through video assessments

Project Outsourcing

Project Outsourcing

End-to-end project delivery and support, on a time and material basis.

 Dedicated team from ideation to deployment/support.
 Comprehensive project management support throughout.
 Expertise in scaling consumer and enterprise applications.

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Discuss Requirements

1. Discuss Requirements

Schedule a call with our experts to discuss and outline your requirements.

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Specialist Interview

2. Specialist Interview

Thoroughly interview and evaluate the screened candidates to ensure they meet your expectations.

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3. Onboarding

Once you select the ideal candidate, initiate seamless onboarding with MSA and work order.

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We work with all leading tech stacks



React Native



Python & Django
Ruby on Rails
Spring Boot

Enterprise Tools



Image Processing
Amazon Textract
KNN Algorithm



Microsoft SQL Server



Microsoft Azure

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350+ Talent Pool

Access to a diverse and skilled talent pool of 350+ professionals, with immediate availability.

Cost Effective

US companies achieve 50% cost reduction, no long-term commitments or overhead expenses

Easy Ramp-Up and Down

Flexible resource scaling based on project needs, 30-day notice period.

Dedicated Manager Support

Dedicated account manager for quick onboarding support.

Client Growth Stories

Event Creative Platform
Arts, Craft, Photography & Music
Mobile Gaming Platform
App loved by 30 Mn users
Group Shopping App
Built for the next 100 Cr. Indian users
Parking Management
Automates a car parking system
Feeling inspired by our success stories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How experienced is your team in delivering IT services?

We have a team of experienced professionals, with a minimum of 3+ years of expertise in their respective fields. Our team includes individuals with diverse levels of experience, ranging from mid-level which is 3-7 years to senior-level which is 8+ years. Additionally, we have Technical Architects in our team who bring extensive proficiency, some with more than 15 years of experience in their field.

Do you offer customized IT solutions tailored to our specific needs?

Absolutely, we specialize in providing tailored IT solutions that align precisely with your unique requirements and business objectives. Our approach involves a comprehensive understanding of your organization, its goals, challenges, and existing IT infrastructure.
Here's a more detailed breakdown of how we can create customized IT solutions for you:
 Needs Assessment: Understanding your specific requirements and objectives through discussions and analysis.
 Solution Design: Crafting a solution tailored to address challenges and foster growth.
 Technology Selection: Choosing suitable tech components in line with budget and strategy.
 Development and Integration: Creating software, infrastructure, and integrations following industry standards.
 Testing and Quality Assurance: Ensuring a flawless, secure, and high-performance solution.
 Deployment: Implementing with minimal disruption and providing staff training.
 Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Continuous service to keep systems running smoothly.
 Scalability: Designing for flexibility to adapt to changing needs.
 Security: Prioritizing robust security measures and compliance.
 Cost Optimization: Maximizing IT investment value through efficient solutions.
 Monitoring and Analytics: Implementing tools for data-driven decision-making and performance improvement.
In summary, our customized IT solutions are crafted with your organization's unique needs and goals in mind. We strive to provide you with a competitive advantage through technology, ensuring that your IT infrastructure supports your business growth and efficiency.

What is your pricing structure for IT services?

Our pricing structure for IT services is competitive and tailored to your specific needs. To get a detailed quote based on your requirements, please click here to contact us.

How can we request a quote or proposal for our IT project?

You can click here and enter your project requirements and our team will reach out to you within 24 business hours.

How do you select and vet IT professionals for staff augmentation?

We finalize the candidates based on 3 evaluations:

Resume Screening- We review the submitted resumes to shortlist candidates whose skills and experience align with the project requirements. Look for relevant technical skills, certifications, and work experience.

Candidate Screening- Administer technical assessments or tests that are relevant to the role. This could include coding exercises, problem-solving scenarios, or quizzes. This step helps evaluate the candidate's practical skills and problem-solving abilities. We also provide the technical screening round video assessment to our clients for easy evaluation.

Client Evaluation Process- The client can also evaluate the candidate before getting them onboarded on their projects, and check the skills as per the requirements.

Can I choose the specific IT professionals I want to augment my team with?

Yes, we will share the profiles with you, and you can evaluate them as per your requirements, and select the most suitable candidate for your project.

What is the duration of staff augmentation engagements?

The minimum contract duration for staff augmentation engagement is 3 Months, which is extended as per the client's requirement.

Can the staff augmentation professionals work remotely or do they need to be on-site?

We can provide both the resources who can work remotely, or from office, as per the client’s requirements.

How does project outsourcing differ from staff augmentation?

 In project outsourcing, we provide end-to-end project delivery and support, on a time and material basis. Comprehending your project's specific requirements, we adeptly assemble a tailored team to fulfill those needs. For instance, if a Technical Architect's expertise is necessary for a span of 15 days, we promptly supply resources accordingly. This streamlined approach serves as a comprehensive solution for procuring the professionals essential to project delivery

 In Staff Augmentation, We offer on-demand skilled IT professionals on a contract basis.

How do you handle intellectual property and data security when outsourcing projects?

All deliverables and processed data prepared for the Project, or services pursuant, will be the exclusive property of Client, including any copyright and other intellectual property rights associated therewith.

Can you provide case studies or references of engagements you have done in the past?

Please click here to check the case studies of our happy clients. Along with this, you may visit the Clutch website to check our customer reviews.

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