We provide engineering team for technology companies

Product Engineering


Hire certified and qualified engineers with average 7 years of Experience from a wide array of technology stack

Cost Effectiveness

Cost effective

All our engagement plans provide at least a saving of 50% with the monthly rate card starting from $2400.



Daily scrum, time log sheets, and 24X7 support, to ensure Complete visibility of the engineering team

Strong Bench Strength


We manage a strong bench to ensure faster ramp up and ability to meet your requirements.

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Our Clients


Choose the right engagement model

 Offshore Dev CenterDedicated EngineersProject Team
Best forSetting up a team of min 3 FTEScaling your in-house tech teamHiring team for a defined project
TeamCustom as per technical skill requirementCustom as per technical skill requirementFull-Time: 1 Backend, 1 Frontend, 1 Testing Part-time: Architect, Designer, DevOps, PM
Min engagement period6 Months3 Months3 Months
Flexibility / Replacement100% flexibility to ramp up or ramp down the team, Easy replacement
Ramp up time15-30 days7-14 days1-14 days
Ramp down time60 days30 days30 days
Cost savings on US ratesMin 60%Min 50%Min 50%
PricingStarts from $2400 monthly rateStarts from $3000 monthly rate$8999 per month
Support24 X 7 Support - Email and Chat

Technologies we excel at

Web Development




Java, HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Framework & Library

AngularJS, ReactJS, React Native, JQuery and Ionic




PHP, Ruby, C#, C++, Python, JavaScript and Node.js

Framework & Library

Django, Ruby on Rails, Springboot, Flask, Laravel, ExpressJS

Mob Development




Swift, Objective C and Swift UI

Framework & Library

Cocoa Pods, ReactJS, Firebase, Cloudkit and Mapkit






Kotlin and Java

Framework & Library

Spring Rest Templates, Sencha Touch and Appcelerator Titanium


Andriod Studio, Greenrobot, Eventbus and Sweet Alert Dialog

Cross platform

Cross Platform


Dart and JS/TS

Framework & Library

Flutter, Ionic, React Native and Xamarin



NLP, Chatbots, Image Processing, Amazon, Textract, ASR, OCR and KNN Algorithm



Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle PostgreSQL and DynamoDB



AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, Jenkins and Kubernetes




Appium, selenium and Mocha


Black box testing and White box testing



Tesseract, PowerBI, Qlikview, MS Excel, BIRT, Hibernate/ NHibernate and GitHub

Share your requirement

Onboarding Process

Hire developer in just 3 simple steps.


Share your technical engineers requirement — project information, the tech stacks, roles and number of engineers - so we can curate the best suited engineers.


We present to you the shortlisted candidates for the approval. You can interview the team before giving us the go-ahead.


We coordinate onboarding based on agreed date of joining. We continue to support you with the operations to ensure transparent operations.



Mobile Gaming Platform
App loved by 30 Mn users
Event Creative Platform
Arts, Craft, Photography & Music
Group Shopping App
Built for the next 100 Cr. Indian users
Real Estate App
Search homes remotely

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Steady Rabbit’s staff augmentation services help my business?

Lack of access to good talent can often be a hindrance to the growth of your business. With Steady Rabbit’s staff augmentation services, you can tap into our large pool of highly experienced developers. Further, staff augmentation is especially suitable for technology startups seeking to scale up quickly, in addition to being a flexible option for supplementing your team for short-term projects. Through staff augmentation, it is possible for you to access the best talent at significantly lower costs and complete the recruitment process in a much shorter time period compared to direct hiring.

What kind of professional experience do your developers have?

Our developers have an average experience of more than 5 years which allows you to leverage their competence, skills and knowledge. Our engineering team has worked on several complex projects of all business sizes and types. Our engineers always keep themselves updated with the latest technology trends and build advanced business solutions. Due to this, you can be assured of always getting timely deliverables without compromising the quality of the work.

How long does it take to on-board a team?

Due to our exceptional bench strength, we are able to mobilise resources in a short span of time. Typically 15 – 30 days, it may vary based on your requirements. – and We ensure that your team starts contributing to your business as quickly as possible.

How long is the ramp down period?

As a project nears completion, there is an expected decline in workload and this phase is known as the ramp down period. At Steady Rabbit, we provide flexibility by offering shorter ramp down times, typically lasting between 30-60 days, depending on the kind of staff augmentation services you choose to avail.

What are the approximate costs of your staff augmentation services?

Our goal at Steady Rabbit is to provide your business with the best of talent at competitive prices. The hourly rates starting as low as $15. Junior developer will cost you around $2,400/month. For an experienced resource with 4 years + ex, will cost $3000 per month. We assure you minimum 50% savings – in some cases, even up to 60% – on hiring costs relative to developers of similar calibre in the USA. Contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you with a detailed quote within 24 hours.

How does the hiring process work?

The hiring process of our staff augmentation services is divided into three stages.
 In the first stage, the client needs to establish the level of experience, abilities and qualifications of the developers required, as well as the number of developers needed. This stage can be considered similar to creating a comprehensive job description.
 The second stage involves combing through our database for developers that match the skills and profile that the client is looking for. We create and share a shortlist of candidates that suits your requirements.
 The final stage involves interviews with the candidates and after the approval of the client, the recruitment process is finalized. After completion of contractual formalities, the hired engineers start working with you as per the mutual agreed date.

In rare cases if in case you are not satisfied with a specific engineer, we provide replacement flexibility within a period of 45 days. The hiring process can be completed in 15-30 days, providing an advantage over on-site company hiring which often takes several months.

What are the key technology stacks that you serve?

Our engineers specialize in Frontend and UX (React.js, React Native, Vue, Angular, Flutter, Android, iOS etc.), Backend (Java, Python, Node.js, PHP), Cloud & DevOps (AWS, Jenkins, Docker etc.) and more. Thus, Steady Rabbit’s staff augmentation services help you customize your team based on your business requirements.

How will I manage a remote team based in India?

Remote management across different time zones can seem like a daunting task but at Steady Rabbit, we dedicate ourselves to making sure that the process is as smooth and efficient. We ensure that our team of developers has an overlapping hours so you can have a daily scrum meeting. You can keep tabs on deliverables through regular performance monitoring. All the developers are fluent in English so you will have no trouble in communication. Further, we provide you with 24x7 support services to look into any issues you might be facing with utmost immediacy.

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