Case Study A-One Software

Company Overview

A One Software started with the mission to establish online presence and marketing to small businesses. It has been able to deliver by standardising the website development practices and collection of standard website themes across the domains.



Different themes required expertise on a number of platforms.


Create fresh wireframe for every client was not cost effective


Heavy manpower was involved to design a creative theme



Created a single technical portal with all themes configured


Based on the category of the website, we helped generate simplistic wireframes for demo to the client


Created tool to generate automatic theme for the website



Reduced delivery time and manpower required by 60%


Drop in prices allowed to the company to grow the clients by 45%


Instead of skilled manpower, a fresher with 1 month training was able to execute the tasks.



AngularJs, Postman, JMeter, AWS, MySQL, Python, Java


The most impressive thing we found about this company is that we could connect directly with the team assigned to me at any time which made it easier for us to communicate with them.

Ram Niwas


A-One Software

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