Our Android Application Development Services

Android Application Development
Android Application Development

Whatever be your business idea, our Android expert will help you develop the most secure, robust, and scalable application.

Android Consumer Application
Android Consumer Application

Get high performing and scalable consumer Android solutions as per your enterprise specific requirements.

Migrate to Android
Migrate to Android

If you want to migrate your application from other technology to Android. Our Android developers are ready to help you.

Upgrade Android Version

All projects need enhancement. Our Android developers will ensure that your project remains at the cutting edge by upgrading it to the latest Android version.

Support & Maintenance
Android Support and Maintenance

Manage all bugs, enhancements and additional features in your existing Android application, by hiring a dedicated Support and Maintenance team.

Custom Android Development
Custom Android Development

Our domain expertise helps to providing secure, scalable, robust Android applications. You can hire our services for custom mobile application development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Android?

Android as an operating system dominates the smartphone market with an average of 1.5 million Android activations on a daily basis. The number of Android users is well over 1.4 billion globally presenting a massive user base for businesses to target. Steady Rabbit excels in building Android applications that help businesses to monetise their ideas while addressing real-world problems.

Delivering robust Android application development services and solutions with a team of strategists, designers, and developers who carve concepts and business models for the Android mobile platform.

In developing a mobile application, what are the technical advantages of Android over other technologies?

Android is a mobile operating system based on Linux kernel. It was designed primarily for touch based mobile devices such as smartphones, Android TVs, and other Android enabled devices.

Some of the technical advantages of Android operating system are:

 Robust internal architecture
 Latest features built-in in its library
 High performance
 Supports multiple languages
 Memory and process management at par with Native technologies
 Extensive graphics support - both 2D and 3D.

The above advantages are not exhaustive but provides a good indication of the advantages of Android as an operating system.

What are the business advantages of choosing Android over other technologies?

When it comes to scaling your business, we should never settle for less. To that end, Android is unbeatable in its own class. How? Well, it is a low investment and high ROI avenue. Not only is it open-source, but it is also quite easy to integrate. It strengthens our revenue front by opening multiple sales channels for our business. Lastly, since it is based on Java, the developer community has easily adopted it, which means high-quality resource availability.

How economical it is to develop an Android application?

Without any iota of doubt, you can believe that Android development is one of the most economical ones among its peers. Well, there are a number of reasons for that. Firstly, there is no license fee to develop on Android, and on top of it, it is open source too. This has allowed the developer community to be hands-on in Android. So, there is no dearth of quality resources. The OS comes with a lot of plugs and plays features that help reduce the development time. Moreover, since these features come with the library, they help to minimize bugs, which helps reduce the cost of maintenance.

Why should Steady Rabbit be trusted with Android application development?

Steady Rabbit has developed and maintained an application that acquired 30 Million users.

So when it comes to scalability, relaiblity and security, our users have vouched for our competence.

Some of the challenges that our team overcame during this journey:

 Drastically reduce server cost to about 35%
 Thwarted several hacking attempts on the app and related infrastructure
 Created AI powered custom Analytics portal that provided actionable insights to the management team

Above are just some of the key highlights, and our team is learning and improving each day.

Let us know how we can help build your Android application.

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