Our Anular Services

Angular UI/UX Development

Create, design, and convert advanced design components while reusing the codes. We help build design UX/UI for higher performance and quick installation.

Angular Custom Development

Customize your web development to suffice your business needs with the help of our team of experts. We help provide faster, efficient, and uncompromised solutions.

Angular Maintenance and Support

We provide maintenance and support services for smooth operations. Our services include speed optimization, security patches, plugin updates, version upgradation, etc.

Angular Quality Testing

We have tests curated for testing the quality and performance of your angular components. Our support team aims to provide you with a smooth and seamless web experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should go with Angular?

At Steady Rabbit, we believe in leveraging the benefits of Angular for the best web development solutions at affordable prices. Angular is a modern web development portal that offers niche techniques for handling single-page websites. It provides high-level flexibility and features as it enables web development by reusing the codes providing opportunities for cost reduction. Angular comes with multi-language support and universal deployment across multiple platforms like mobile and desktop. It can keep client-side data secured and the entire web development process more straightforward. Angular has a robust library and rich component set, including overlays, sidebars, switches, and scrollable areas, often missing on most platforms. Hence, UX/UI can be more customer-focused, faster, and more efficient. One of the most important benefits of Angular is its compatibility at the global level across multiple devices, making it easier to develop applications for multiple devices and platforms using the same code. Besides, Angular also comes with benefits such as zero-step installation, high performance, easy to build features and prebuild templates, making it one of the most opted options in web application development.

How can I get benefited with Angular UX development?

Angular is known for its simplified yet versatile UX development. It provides flexible and efficient solutions to cater the business needs. It promotes a dynamic interface for design optimization and productivity improvement. Angular allows parallel development, which gives you multiple scopes to reduce UX/ UI development time and faster time to market. Angular makes the work of developers easier with prebuilt templates. It enables them to express UI declaratively. Developers can manage application parameters like permissions and properties much more controllable. Angular allows two-way data binding ensuring clean decoupling of the data. These benefits collectively contribute to better UX/UI focusing on functionality, performance speed, and compatibility. Since Angular is a cross-development framework, it allows the reusing of the code for multiple platforms. Angular specializes in handling single-page applications, which makes it ideal for making them more responsive and agile. Steady Rabbit.

How flexible is Angular for customized development?

Business applications serve different purposes, and hence, no one solution is best for all. Angular provides you with the flexibility to provide a customized solution that satisfies your business needs. Angular has proven to be a valuable tool for optimizing web applications. Steady Rabbit helps customize web applications to improve their productivity and enhance their performance. Since Angular enables the useability of the codes and components, it provides added flexibility in the development process. Developers do not need to maintain separate codes for different platforms, and thus the developmental cost and time reduce significantly. Additionally, you can reduce the time-to-market while switching from one platform to another with minor modifications and fine-tuning. Thus, angular helps you to be innovative and flexible while reusing the skeleton of development. Angular also provides flexibility in managing the developmental team. Since it is based on HTML coding, it is less complex, and hence, there is usually no need to hire specialized resources to handle complex codes. Angular also enables rapid prototyping, which allows experimenting with components, UI, and functionality without investing much time and money. Angular helps improve the quality of your deliverables by promoting flexibility, productivity, and waste reduction.

What kind of services are included under maintenance?

Our services are not just limited to application delivery. Steady Rabbit provides full maintenance support to ensure seamless operations. We offer maintenance services from backup to speed optimization, plugin, and version updates, bugs and broken link fixation, security patches, HTML errors, source code audit and modification, etc. We help remove the malware, web application firewall prevention, and cross-site scripting prevention to keep you safe and secure from hackers, bots, and malware. We also help in third-party integration, including ERP integration and payment gateway integrations, to enable an overall business solution. Besides, we also help add any new feature or optimize existing features by analyzing their performances. We have a well-defined system and experts to help you stay up-to-date with the most recent changes for healthy growth and better productivity. We also provide modification and migration services for mobile and desktop web applications. Our maintenance services are customized to cover end-to-end maintenance for angular web applications to meet the business requirements of the clients. We strive continuously towards improvement and emphasize quality solutions for uncompromised and uninterrupted operations. Our team of experts ensures all the services are delivered before the timelines without compromising the quality. We aim to provide efficient and affordable solutions customized to the client’s requirements.

How we promise quality performance and testing?

Quality services and Steady Rabbit are inseparable. Our quality team guarantees trouble-free services and applications. We have a set of quality tests defined for different applications to check their functionality, performance, and possible UI complications. We use modern technologies to ensure all the test results are accurate and in the proper context. Our quality experts can help you find the solutions at the earliest for uninterrupted functioning. We have laid a well-defined quality assurance procedure that ensures a significant amount of time is dedicated to all the necessary testing. Our quality assurance strategies are backed by automation and standard guidelines to ensure quality practices are the best in the industry and compliance with the global standards. Stringently defined quality assurance procedure makes our tests reliable for taking corrective or preventive actions. Our quality experts have high experience, ensuring that all the issues are detected and resolved within time. We help in functional testing, performance testing, security testing, end-to-end testing, compatibility testing, and useability testing. Since testing can be constrained by budget, our testing approach is designed to detect critical issues and suggest actions on a priority basis. Our process-oriented testing helps to see the issues in web applications even before to production environment to address the significant problems with functionality, integration, and security. This helps Steady Rabbit stay customer-focused in quality, functionality, and affordability

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