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How to choose a SMS Gateway Provider

From informing your customers about a flash sale, to letting them know their order has been shipped, the digital age provides endless opportunities for businesses to reach their customers through SMS. However, before you can start sending texts to your customers, you must first choose your SMS gateway provider, that is, the service provider which will actually deliver your messages to your customers’ phones. The decision is not so simple and there are a number of important considerations one must take into account before settling on a provider that suits your requirements. The following are the most important issues you need to keep in mind when making your choice:

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Why should you use the Time and Material model for your projects?

Have you ever faced a pricing dilemma while managing the projects? What were the business losses associated with those dilemmas? Do you think they could have been avoided with the right choice of pricing model?… Every manager encounters such questions while deciding project pricing strategy. 

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All you need to know about Software Delivery

In the business of software development, the importance of delivering the software at the right time and in the agreed format cannot be undervalued. Delivering the software has a much broader scope than most of us think. It consists of the entire process of getting the software to the customers starting from product conceptualization, prototyping, development, testing, installation, and licensing. These multiple stages demand multiple resources, and the needs are specific to the software. 

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