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What makes AWS a winner in the Cloud Computing Market

Talk about cloud services and Amazon doesn’t enter the room! It’s next to impossible! With a 32.4% market share, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is undoubtedly the market leader in cloud computing services. As per a Canalys report, AWS, in February 2020, this particular market is dominated by AWS, followed by its lead competitors Microsoft’s Azure, Google Cloud, and Alibaba with a market share of 17.6%, 6%, and 5.4%, respectively. In the first quarter of 2020, AWS pulled $10 billion in its revenue, accounting for 13.5% of Amazon’s total revenue. This success story of Amazon has been the same since the emergence of the Cloud service market. But what makes Amazon stand among its competitors? If all its competitors provide similar services, why is the tech world obsessed with AWS?

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A Curtain Raiser to Backend Technologies

Depending on the offered functions and features, each app has 3 segments – client-side, server-side, and database. Client-side and server-side are also known by their archaic names – frontend and backend. Web development uses specific tools and frameworks to render beautiful looking, robust, and dynamic websites.

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An Insight into React and Angular

Development – whether it’s the web, mobile app, or a desktop app – has been intelligently segregated into a client-side and a server-side.

Both frontend and backend have their own set of programming languages and each of these languages has its cult following. The web is full of articles, memes, and jokes praising one language and disparaging the other; so much so that, between a backend developer and the frontend, the banter continues to this day.

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Why users may love an app made in React?

User experience is one of the most vital metrics to estimate the ease of use of any application. It not only adds value to the business but lets other important stakeholders project the growth of the business. User experience is directly related to the interface of the application often referred to as User Interface or UI. 

One very raw and intuitive way to judge the quality of UI of any application is to find how much does a user needs to interact with UI to accomplish the desired task. The lesser the interaction the better the UI and hence richer user experience. 

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