Familiar with the story of the race between the rabbit and the tortoise? The rabbit paced in the beginning but the tortoise won the race. Moral of the story, qualities such as patience and perseverance of a tortoise triumph over the qualities such as agility, zeal, and swiftness.

We don’t know to what extent this is true in the startup world. In our journey, we have come to understand that both virtues are necessary to survive and thrive in a startup ecosystem.


During OneAD, our agility (rabbit mode) helped us scale and perseverance (tortoise mode) kept us profitable. While we were getting millions of users per month, our team adapted to the rabbit mode in operations, which at times lead to loss making business models. But we ensured profitable unit economics(tortoise mode). We scaled the business to 30 Mn users and that too with a limited budget (Yes, we were bootstrapped).It helped us to stay on track of our long term vision.

This is the reason we came up with the name “Steady Rabbit” wherein steady represents the tortoise. We understand the startup ecosystem which means to be ready when the time needs us to scale, however, persevere while working with limited budgets. We now want to offer these strengths in the form of Mobile App Development Services to our customers, so that they can also make their dreams come true.

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