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Why users may love an app made in React?

User experience is one of the most vital metrics to estimate the ease of use of any application. It not only adds value to the business but lets other important stakeholders project the growth of the business. User experience is directly related to the interface of the application often referred to as User Interface or UI. 

One very raw and intuitive way to judge the quality of UI of any application is to find how much does a user needs to interact with UI to accomplish the desired task. The lesser the interaction the better the UI and hence richer user experience. 

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Why is testing needed?

You might have a brilliant idea that is market-ready, and you might have a great team to bring that idea to life. But your ultimate success will depend upon how your product performs and is perceived by the end-user.

As we at Steady Rabbit say, “Only tested can be trusted”. So, you can only be sure about your product’s performance and how it will be perceived based on the testing results.

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What is Product Engineering?

While the phrase Product Engineering has been in the industry for quite some time now, for the IT industry it has picked pace for the past decade and a half or so. Why so? Because in the recent past several billion-dollar enterprises have come into existence because of their IT products.
Well, can you think of a few names of some of the most successful IT products?

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