Steady Rabbit


Top app development companies – How to Spot One?

In this age of Hyper-Marketing, everyone calls their organization “Best”. Potential clients become confused and why shouldn’t they- there is so much noise around this. This becomes more difficult when the client is looking for a Technology partner based overseas. Lets face it, even awards have multiplied these days. So even if an organisation is using some awards( unless renowned), to position themselves as leaders, one can never be sure of it.

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Top 5 Reasons for Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Living in the era of startups, we often get several business ideas. But, then we get into a dilemma about how to get it developed.We evaluate our options between building our own team and outsourcing the idea to a development company.Our thoughts revolve around parameters such as degree of control on the project, costing of the project, and go to market time with the MVP. Some of us may feel that the size of the business should govern help in choosing the right mode of development.

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Why should You use Mean Stack to Develop your Business?

There are so many variables business owners have to deal with. One such variable is what should be the right technology stack ? There are so many blogs that may explain the tech aspect in detail, but we know that business owners are looking for someone to convince them that a particular set of technology stack will help them grow their business seamlessly.

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Discovery of the name Steady Rabbit

Familiar with the story of the race between the rabbit and the tortoise? The rabbit paces in the beginning but tortoise won the race. Moral of the story, qualities such as patience and perseverance of a tortoise triumph over the qualities such as agility, zeal, and swiftness.

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