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Why use Node.js for application development?

Today, every entrepreneur is building to make it big. So imagine the time when your users love your product, but your product is unable to handle the load. Scalability is the key to the success of your product, and Node.js helps you achieve this well. 

In fact, its event-driven architecture has inbuilt features that make scalability inherent.

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Why you cannot do without Cloud and DevOps in 21st Century?

Cloud technologies have become an ever-important part of business strategies. As per the findings published by IDG Cloud Computing Survey 2020, 46% of the applications being developed today are cloud-first whereas nearly 56% of the on-premises environment-based applications have now migrated to all cloud-based environments. Businesses have leveraged computational and management capacities of the cloud environment to offload a major chunk of infrastructure-related responsibilities to the cloud, thereby saving cost, expanding business, improving quality, and becoming more customer-centric. Netflix, the online video streaming platform has grown multifold since moving to AWS by leveraging its managed and custom services.

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