Living in the era of startups, we often get several business ideas. But, then we get into a dilemma about how to get it developed. We evaluate our options between building our own team and outsourcing the idea to a development company. Our thoughts revolve around parameters such as degree of control on the project, costing of the project, and go to market time with the MVP. Some of us may feel that the size of the business should govern help in choosing the right mode of development.

So, our analysis says, that there are 3 broad categories of businesses seeking to outsource mobile development –

  1. Those who have a grand idea and want to continuously bring changes to the app based on market feedback
  2. Those who already have a Tech team, but want to outsource a new module or upgrade project.

This article discusses that in whichever category of business you fall, the below-mentioned reasons for outsourcing the development work would definitely apply to you in, at least to some degree.

Read on to explore the Reasons.

  • Budget friendly

Paying out monthly salaries to the development team can prove difficult, especially, for a business in its nascent stage.And, when the market is as dynamic as today, we can never be fully sure as to how our business idea would work. For such reasons, it is best to keep the development on a need basis. So in essence, you don’t have to commit to any fixed salary expense but need to pay as per the needs of your business.

  • Outsource and Sit Back

The age-old saying that business is risky is not without its merits. From code leaks to hacking attempts on the IT infrastructure, the problem is wide-ranged. When you want to run a business, you would not want all your attention to be sucked up in such IT challenges. It is at such times that having the right technology partner matters. If you find the right technology partner, you will definitely be able to give more attention to nontechnical business aspects that matter, while this partner of yours handles your technical risks.

  • Focus your Attention where it Matters

Imagine yourself looking at building the technical team for yourself. This will drain a significant amount of time, energy and money. Moreover, if you have not been highly technical in your professional career, you would need to outsource the whole hiring process to someone else. Then, you will have to set up various departments such as HR, finance, along with setting up the company culture. And mind you, it is very difficult to build the right team, right from the start. It is more an iterative process. Now, consider this – an offshore team, who has several years of experience in building such projects effectively and efficiently, comes to the fore, understands your requirements and starts working. This leaves you with loads of time to invest in more fruitful research and relationship building, which could have a significant impact on your running of the business. Don’t you think this is wonderful?

Still not convinced, eh? Well, we too are not finished yet.

  • Best Talent for you

If you hand over your business idea to someone whose bread and butter is IT services, you have definitely made a wise move.


IT services providers too are a business as you are. They want to make a mark in the industry with high quality. They do so by creating a robust hiring process and retaining the best and diverse talent of the industry. And, all this for their own goodwill in the market. While if a new business owner wants to hire a team, it will be difficult for her/him to attract diversity unless of course, she/he has large pools of funds and a good brand image in the job market.

  • Go To Market Time

Getting your MVP to the market in the minimum time frame is essential. And, we all dream that as soon as our customer uses our app, she/he should go ga-ga about it. But this requires a lot of effort. From creating the right logo to choosing the right fonts and colours to creating the right product marketing strategy – imagine some team doing all this for you, while you steer the ship of your business, like a captain. Many technology partners in the industry offer their services to help you lay a solid foundation of your business, starting merely from an idea.


The above list of reasons are not exhaustive. They are an attempt to give direction to the thought process of the decision maker. Hence, while there are several reasons to outsource the job of a mobile development company, we believe that the above reasons are the soul of the discussion.

Lastly, outsourcing, in the IT domain, has been going on for a long time. And, naysayers may discourage you and advise you to build your own team for reasons such as having better control over the team, monitoring costing etc. However, we believe that you should only believe in facts. And the fact is, many successful companies today such as Nike, Alibaba Cloud , KFC, McDonalds, etc have at some point of time outsourced their business and their success trajectory proves that it was a decision taken well.

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