There are so many variables business owners have to deal with. One such variable is what should be the right technology stack ? There are so many blogs that may explain the tech aspect in detail, but we know that business owners are looking for someone to convince them that a particular set of technology stack will help them grow their business seamlessly.

This write up aims to clear the air around this, and help business owners choose the right technology stack with conviction.

At the outset, we recommend MEAN ( MongoDB, Express Framework, Angular.js , and Node.js) stack for web and mobile applications. Now let us explore, how is it the right choice?

  1. Minimal Cost
    • The one thing that may make or break the business is the cost aspect, as overflow can surely push us to make some strict choices. Mean Stack comes to rescue us here.
    • Since it makes the development a cakewalk, resources for this domain are economic. Moreover, it employs fewer technologies, so the number of resources employed would be less.
    • What’s more, if your tech team has proficiency in JavaScript, you are good to go.
  2. Scalable
    • Entrepreneurs get into business, hoping that someday their product would be loved by millions of people. And it would be a nightmare, if your technical infrastructure cannot handle the load or gives sub par performance to the users. Here, too, Mean Stack is a rockstar. The non-blocking aspect of Node.js is instrumental in serving millions of users.
    • And, if backed by the right configurations of the cloud architecture, you can create a very efficient scalable tech solution for your business
  3. Cloud compatibility
    • Deploy from anywhere in the world and at your own convenience. All you need to have is the business requirements set out straight. Your Mean stack team should be able to set up cloud infrastructure, and you are good to go
    • Further, inclusion of cloud rather than physical memory in your tech solution helps to optimise your costs drastically.
    • Also, popular cloud solutions such as AWS ( more on this later), have several built in tools that help secure your solution from hackers. Moreover, many other DevOp tools, that are easy to use in the Mean Stack architecture, help you streamline your development process
  4. Ease of debugging
    • Production level bugs can be a challenge. It can prove to be a game changer for your brand Image. For example, e-commerce platforms these days are offering huge discounts during the festive seasons. While no solution is tech free, you would never want your business to struggle during such times, and the worst part, being that your team is unable to fix the bug in time. Therefore, right at the outset, choose the tech stack that is easily debuggable.
  5. Amazing User Interface
    • It is said that “First impressions last”. Creating a seamless experience of your mobile or web application, for users, will definitely help to create the necessary boom in your business. With the MVC architecture, Mean helps developers to create quality user interfaces that give stellar experience to end users. This includes all business, be it B2B, B2C, or B2B2C.
  6. Open Source
    • Looking at the word open source, what is the first thing that comes to our mind? That it is free ! 🙂 . Well, yes, that is true, but there is something beyond that. Open source is an Idea that strives the developer community to achieve a better version of self. To that end, as a business your solution remains upto date due to the collective efforts of the developer community. It surely helps you to stay ahead of your competitors.
  7. Vast plug and build Library
    • Node.js developers are fortunate to have easily accessible libraries that not only optimises the whole development cycle but also enhances the performance of solutions. How? Well, libraries are ready to use codes that have been tested by the developer’s community. And, if you were to write such modules on your own, significant resources would be consumed to reach the level of finesse such libraries exhibit.
  8. Minimalistic Language
    • The whole ecosystem of Mean stack is built around Javascript. Imagine the level of cleanliness in code and robustness of the architecture, among other things, just because the whole team does not have to patch solutions written in different languages. Yes, you can achieve this for your product, just by making the right choice of the stack.
  9. Monolithic/Microservices architecture
    • While some special cases require to creating a Monolithic architecture, most modern day tech solution’s architecture require to creating a Microservices architecture. Mean stack enables your tech team to create both architectures easily.
    • In fact, the beauty of MongoDB is that it allows you to create a highly available and fault tolerant system, no matter what.

Conclusion –

Now, as we all know, nothing takes precedence over business. So the tech direction must be picked up keeping in mind the larger business goal.

In order to assess what is right for your business, you must have a broad framework of your business roadmap clearly chalked out in front of you. For instance, your target customer, the solution of your competitor, expansion plan for 6 months, 12 months etc. This will definitely help you objectively assess your tech needs as well.

Lastly, the above points will help you to build the right team, as you would want someone, who has ample experience in this technology, whatever may have been the domain.

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