Today, every entrepreneur is building to make it big. So imagine the time when your users love your product, but your product is unable to handle the load. Scalability is the key to the success of your product, and Node.js helps you achieve this well. 

In fact, its event-driven architecture has inbuilt features that make scalability inherent.

Let us briefly understand what Node.js is.

It is a runtime environment and not a framework or library. It is based on Google Chrome’s V8 Javascript engine that helps in the execution of Javascript server-side code. All operations in it are non-blocking due to its single-threaded event loop functioning.
Let us dive deeper into understanding why Node.js must be used.

  1. More Productivity and Efficiency – Node.js is one of the fastest-growing technology platforms in the backend domain. Compared to its competitor language, it requires fewer lines of code. It provides fast input/output file operations, making it a good choice for static file serving, essential routing operations, and middleware operations.
  2. Superior Scalability – Due to its event-driven architecture, it can help scale products with relative ease. It is due to Google’s V8 engine ( and google still continues to update this engine regularly, free of cost ). This makes it a great choice for large enterprise products or products that anticipate large traffic.
  3. Easy to Adapt – Another exciting news about Node.js is that it is based on a Java-script-based system. Most developers have come across some JS-based technology in their career ( because, yes you guessed it right- JS is everywhere ). Moreover, JS technologies are available for both frontend as well as backend technologies, so not only there are many developers to work on this, but also it is relatively easy for them to switch to this technology.
  4. Active and Large Community – Since it has become so popular, there are many developers who are constantly contributing to its open-source library to enhance its feature. Developers can easily get ready-made code online for many of the features that may want to implement. So, this helps your product receive the most reliable solutions from the best minds.
  5. Minimal Response time – Since Node.js is single-threaded, it handles all your requests concurrently, without spawning new threads. This employs fewer resources, making your product light and high on performance.
  6. V8 engine: V8 engine is a JS engine developed by Google which converts code written in JavaScript into machine code that provides extremely fast execution.
  7. High ROI – Since you can save up on the computing power to host and run the product, Node.js helps you save on costs. 
  8. A fit for Microservices – If you are anticipating traffic, or some major changes to the modules of your code, microservices architecture are the way to go. In fact, the communication between microservices via REST protocol can easily be maintained with Node.js.

If the above points were not convincing enough, then have a look at some of the portals built on Node.js.

  • Netflix
  • Paypal
  • LinkedIn
  • Uber
  • Trello

To conclude, if you are looking to develop a scalable, efficient, and high-performance technology platform, then Node.js is the right choice. Whatever domain your business is in, be it IOT, robotics, e-commerce – Node.js is a good technology stack to move forward.

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