Python as a programming language is robust but so are many other programming languages. So what makes Python stand out?

In case you are in the education field of computer science or have some techie friends, you will know that many are queueing up to learn this language. And, once they learn it for other fields, say, to use it in the field of Machine Learning, they perhaps hone their python skills for domains such as web development.

So one major reason for Python’s popularity is usage in a wide variety of domains. To get perspective, Python can be readily used in the field of education, statistics, computing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and of course backend server side development.

Whatever be the industry you are in, say, healthcare, insurance, eCommerce, BlockChain, Python has a solution for your real world computing problems.

While Python was created in 1992, it has caught up now, mostly due to the boom in the internet industry and the rise in demand for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Let us introduce some big names that are relying heavily on Python –

  • Spotify, the rapidly rising music app uses Python to make personalised song recommendations. ( Many of my friends who have switched to Spotify from other music applications have done so due to the amazing recommendations)
  • Netflix is obsessed with recommendations. In fact, a decade ago it organised an open competition to build a recommendation system. Today, it uses Python to recommend movies.
  • Google, Instagram, and DropBox use it.

Now, let us dive deeper into the technical reasons of Python’s popularity –

  • Asynchronous architecture – If you are looking to build something scalable, then you  must rely on the async capabilities of the technology. Let us understand the difference between synchronous and asynchronous. So if you want to execute two commands, say, download files and play music. If this is done synchronously, then until the file is fully downloaded ( whatever may be the size ), it will not play the music. However, if the calls are made asynchronously, then as soon as it starts to download the file, it makes this task background and looks for the next task. In this case, it will play the music. So in this era, when we want high performing mobile and web applications, using asynchronous calls makes sense. In fact, thinking from the developers perspective, this architecture makes code writing simple and flexible.
  • Ease of Use – I can say this with confidence that even if you have no technical background and you read a simple Python code, you will get a gist of what is happening.  Why? Because its syntax is that simple to read and close to the English language. So this makes it very easy to understand complex modules even for novice Python learners. Infact, sometimes it makes the coding of modules so simple that you feel that you are merely doing plug and play by giving very rudimentary instructions to the compiler.
  • Extensive libraries – One of the most stand out features of Python is the rich and wide libraries that it offers for all domains, be it web development, data science, statistics, scientific programming and so on. This helps the developer devote his attention on finer things like modularity and the overall architecture of the application.
  •  Open-Source – These days most programming languages that are trending are open source and have a strong support from the programming community. So what is the actual benefit? Well it is available for free. Further, you avail quick updates and frequent releases from the community. In reality, Python’s code is updated frequently allowing for the usage of latest features. Its community is very wide and since its popularity is increasing, it will bolster the community efforts to further enhance the python libraries.
  • Focuses on extensivity of usage – Python is a dynamically typed language. It makes software development akin to writing a simple text. Further, it makes data analysis very easy. Moreover, it does not follow a standard configuration with respect to the environment set up etc, whatever may be the use.

For an active entrepreneur, return on investment matters. After we are in the business to continue to satisfy the clients. To be able to do so we need to be economic in our avenues. With Python, being used in several domains of your enterprises, rest assured that you will get a high ROI.

So in case you are still not sure about Python being the right fit for you, talk to our Python experts.

And, in case you are sure that Python is good for your business, then speak to our Python Ninja, to get started.