User experience is one of the most vital metrics to estimate the ease of use of any application. It not only adds value to the business but lets other important stakeholders project the growth of the business. User experience is directly related to the interface of the application often referred to as User Interface or UI. 

One very raw and intuitive way to judge the quality of UI of any application is to find how much does a user needs to interact with UI to accomplish the desired task. The lesser the interaction the better the UI and hence richer user experience. 

With the ever-increasing rate of data generation and data transfer rates, any user would like to witness some or the other real-time relevant changes in the application without needing to interact with the UI. This need led the software developer community to come up with various libraries and frameworks. While there are many powerful libraries available for developing UI, React Native released by Facebook, has been the leader for mobile application development.

Choosing React Native for your application’s technology stack has many advantages, some of which we will briefly look at:

  • Native advantage: React Native is written in javascript and renders to native platform UI. Thus there is no compromise on user experience as all the available functionalities and features of the underlying platform are leveraged just like a platform-specific application. React Native apps work with the device’s built-in features thus making them very speedy. Being Native also makes many features usable even in offline mode thus maintaining continuity in application usage even with unreliable network connectivity.
  • Many Platform Support: UI written in react native can run on both Android and iOS devices. The same code base written in popular language javascript would give the same UI irrespective of the platform. This helps to cater to both the categories of customers of your application without bothering for separate upgrades or patch releases.
  • Efficiency: The UI needs to change whenever there is a relevant update. This needs the transfer of data. React provides the UI to be encapsulated in various components. React renders the updated data only for the component of the UI which is required, without updating the entire UI. This cuts down the resource usage – data, device processor, and battery.
  • Stability and maturity: With plenty of UI technologies available to choose from, there is a tendency to go for the one which offers the latest and dynamic features. But while going for cutting-edge features, the stability of the technology used could be compromised. This leads to making a tough and costly decision of moving from one technology to another. React has been in the market since 2013 which makes it mature enough to be trusted. It offers the right blend of stability, cutting-edge features, and future support.
  • Strong Developer community: From the development point of view a strong developer community is highly important. The likelihood of a developer getting stuck is less and hence the time to deliver is also less. This directly translates to enhanced user experience and hence business value.
  • Cost Savings: As mentioned earlier, the same application can be released across different platforms. This cuts down the need to hire more developers for platform-specific application development. Also, the code is written in javascript which is one of the top three most popular languages. There is no dearth of expertise in this language.
  • Popularity: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Shopify, Skype, and many more popular applications use React Native. These are the apps known for offering one of the best and richest user experiences.

After this brief analysis of the advantages that React has to offer it would be a wise decision to choose it as a part of your technology stack. Be assured of a quality application delivered to your customer in no time at minimum cost. You can focus more on creating business solutions and innovation.

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