Our Cloud and DevOps Services

Cloud And Devops
DevOps Consulting Services

We strive to deliver state-of-the-art DevOps services & solutions to business for automating and streamlining the processes in a cross-functional environment.

Infrastructure Automation

Reduce manual efforts associated with managing and provisioning workloads in the cloud, Improve cloud environments, make workload deployments efficient, while simultaneously cutting costs.

Integration and Deployment
Integration and Deployment

Our CI/CD services help to increase the reliability of your coding, testing and deployment processes on AWS. It helps reduces bottlenecks between the staging and production environment.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring
IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Collect and analyze data from the IT infrastructure. Leverage that data to improve business results . Avoid last minute bottlenecks via dynamic and timely alerts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Devops?

DevOps is a software engineering practice that incorporates software development to help operational teams for continuous and rapid product delivery.

What are the key business benefits of DevOps?

A few of the remarkable benefits of DevOps practice are that it enables fast and efficient delivery of goods with shorter development cycles, high deployment frequency and more stable launches in line with business objectives.

Is DevOps related to cloud computing?

Cloud computing makes the implementation of DevOps easier by facilitating every step of the software lifecycle. And, DevOps is all about making the most of your resources, so in effect both provide similar benefits.

What are DevOps goals?

DevOps aims at quick development and deployment cycles via continuous and rigorous testing, strong quality testing, agile product development and maintenance releases to improve scalability, reliability, and security.
Further, DevOps delivery pipeline facilitates a faster launch pace, faster market time, a lower failure rate for new releases, and a much quicker mean recovery time.

What kind of DevOps service is offered by verities?

Steady Rabbit DevOps services include evaluation and preparation, pilot framework creation, process implementation, CI/CD pipelines, process automation, and security integration. We provide process-oriented and need-based solution to your business problem.

How do you guarantee Product Quality and do you have an in-house testing team?

To periodically check the product consistency and performance, we have an independent in-house QA team of testers and analysts. In the early stages, as well as in the selection of specifications and product ideation, we take quality as a major factor. We use DevOps tools such as Jenkins to simplify and integrate the development process to ensure product quality. Effective communication often factors in ensuring product quality.

Why DevOps is the best framework for you?

DevOps is about process and process improvement. When DevOps implemented properly, it is possible to transform software engineering process and create value for both employees and customers while producing business performance and value. Developers and operators work together using the cloud as single common language. Through this way, two teams are able to work together as everyone is learning new definitions and approaches at the same time. DevOps is available as a very practical and valuable asset for today's organizations. It provides companies a wide range of real, measurable benefits as a result of its implementation. Following are some of the prominent companies using this technology.

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