Mobile Application Development

It is the process of designing and developing mobile applications that focus on user needs. Adopting mobile first strategy, we create elegant solutions using complex engineering.


Provides core intelligent interfaces that ensure seamless connectivity


Their ever-increasing presence provides a large customer base


Enhances Productivity and reduces Cost

Our Mobility Services

Custom Android Development
Custom Mobile Application

Our team of highly capable developers has a breadth of experience for developing customized mobile app development that facilitates the digital transformation of your business.

Android Consumer Application
Hybrid Mobile Application

Choose Custom Hybrid App Development Services for Businesses & Startups to engage users effectively and also save app development time and cost.

Native Mobile Application

If you want to build a mobile app, then Our company provides you full-cycle development of secure, scalable, and feature-packed native mobile applications that are known for their optimum performance.

Experience Design
Experience Design

By humanizing your customer experience, greater customer acquisition and retention is ensured. We perform competitive benchmarking and user journeys to ensure a seamless customer experience.

QA and Testing Services

We offer a wide range of software testing services and solutions from the initial stage of the project so that you can make sure your mobile app runs seamlessly across all devices.

Up-gradation & Migration

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing mobile app to the latest technology or want to migrate your app to a different operating system or platform, we are here to help you with our expert team.

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Mobile Gaming Platform
App loved by 30 Mn users
Ecommerce App
Targeting Next Billion Users
Franchise Management
Registered 23% increase in Revenue
Website Builder
Reduced Delivery Time by 60%
Dont' Settle for Less!

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Managed 500,000 concurrent users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mobile-first approach?

Traditionally, the software has been designed to keep the desktops in focus. And when the need arises the designs are tweaked to suit the needs of the other screens. However, the mobile-first approach is the opposite. In this, all designs and architecture are laid down focussing on the mobile screens. This makes the mobile customers the center of attraction of your business. And, as and when the needs arise, this design is adapted for other screens too.

What is needed for mobile application development?

To start with mobile application development, we need to have a clear business idea. Next, we should decide on the technology stack. Other resources that would be needed are:

 An account on Google play store and/Or Apple store as the need may be.
 If needed, then account for cloud storage such as Amazon Web services.
 Lastly, wireframes, UI designs, and technical specifications documents would also help

What are some of the most popular mobile application development framework?

There are broadly two classifications of the mobile framework, namely, Native and Hybrid Framework. Two of the most popular Native framework consists of Android and iOS technology. Similarly, in the Hybrid framework React and Flutter has emerged as popular choices across the industry.

Why choose Steady Rabbit for Mobile application development?

Steady Rabbit has developed and maintained an application that acquired 30 Million users.

So when it comes to scalability, relaiblity and security, our users have vouched for our competence.

Some of the challenges that our team overcame during this journey:

 Drastically reduce server cost to about 35%
 Thwarted several hacking attempts on the app and related infrastructure
 Created AI powered custom Analytics portal that provided actionable insights to the management team

Above are just some of the key highlights, and our team is learning and improving each day.

Let us know how we can help build your Mobile application.

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What technologies are used for mobile application development?

Choosing the right technology for your mobile app is essential. One can decide upon them based on the use case.
Some of the most popular technologies are:

 React Native
 R Programming

Should I choose Native or Cross Platform?

Native apps are developed exclusively for a specific platform. A native app developed for Android will not function on iOS and vice versa. Cross-platform apps are compatible with multiple platforms. Due to the market share of Android and iOS, most cross-platform apps are limited to these two operating systems.

Native apps seem better in terms of device performance and user experience. This is enough to make them the winner. However, the choice truly depends on your application. Simple applications like games and content distribution apps are usually developed as a cross-platform app while apps with specific features are native. Hybrid Apps requires less development effort compared to Native apps for individual platforms, and just for cost consideration Hybrid Apps are more bang for your money.

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