Our Node.js Development Services

Custom Node.js Development
Custom Node.js Development

We provide Node.js programmers, experts in web and mobile development. Be it end to end solution or a Node.js module, we will execute it for you.

Node.js Mobile Development
Node.js Mobile Development

Our past experience in mobile gaming - OneAD - scaled to 30 mn users. Rest assured, we can deliver quality solutions for your mobile requirements.

Migrate to Node.js

Our Node.js developers help you revamp any and every solution. Our Node.js developers are trained to migrate the legacy solution irrespective of the legacy technology.

Support & Maintenance
Node.js Support & Maintenance

We aim never to let your systems and solutions down. Node.js support team helps to provide regular and timely insights into the running of your system.

Web Development
Node.js Web Development

Our Node.js outsourcing team makes web development and integration of Node.js application much simpler. Node.js engineers will develop and do phase wise deployment.

Upgrade Node.js Version

All projects need enhancement. Our Node.js developers will ensure that your project remains at the cutting edge by upgrading it to the latest Node.js version.

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Website Builder
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, runtime environment for executing JavaScript code at the server side. Node.js allows web application development to unify around a single programming language, rather than rely on a different language for writing server-side scripts. Node.js functions are non-blocking, allowing commands execution both concurrently and in parallel. It is recommended for scalable applications, which require high concurrent connections.

Is Node.js a framework or programming language?

Neither, it's an environment. ".js'' means that the programming language you use with Node.js is JavaScript. A framework like React are libraries that help organize and generate the front-end code that runs in a web browser. They reduce development time, by using common code for known operations.

What are the applications where Node.js is recommended?

Node.js is effective at what it does. It is in high demand because it has an open-source, JavaScript-based ecosystem. Also, it is compatible between versions. Some of the popular applications of Node.js are:

 Backend for Social Media Networking
 Single-page Application
 Chat Application
 Data Streaming
 IoT Application

Linkedin, Uber and Netflix, all operate on Node.js

Why choose Steady Rabbit as your Node.js Application Development services company?

Steady Rabbit considers product scalability and security as key objectives while developing an application. We offer end-to-end product engineering development services. We take up complete ownership of your product and also service the custom requirements and enhancements.

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