Food Ordering App Development

On Demand Food Ordering Platform


With the demand for online food services soaring anywhere, it is essentials for your business to have a feature-rich food delivery app development that allows your customers a convenient way to access and order food.


Product Engineering

Social Media login

Facilitation of social media linking and secured login through social media accounts.


Scheduled Order

Ability to schedule orders in advance for pick-up and delivery options.


Discover content section

Restaurant uploaded videos supported by scroll functionality for engagement.

Cloud And Devops

Order Tracking

Facilitation of a user-friendly interface to track orders using status notifications.


Third-Party Payment Integration

App should offer seamless payment gateway. Integration for easy online transactions.


Refund functionality

In order cancelation, facilitation of an easy refund policy encashed to the consumer’s wallet.



In-built chat option with 24x7 support to resolve order or payment issues.


Product Engineering

Order Management

User-friendly interface and a standardized process to manage online orders from the customers.


Refund Policy

A well-defined policy to issue full or partial refunds to the customer in case of cancellation.


Performance Report

Timely performance reports for chefs based on their total placed orders for future improvements.

Cloud And Devops

Sales Reports

Real-time total order reports to evaluate the sales performance and profits.


Deposits section

An easy-to-navigate deposits section to know how much amount a restaurant has received from admin.


Discover content Section

A dedicated and user-friendly Discover content section to upload videos along with hashtags.


Profile Section

Restaurant Profile section to update photos, biography, menu cards, tags, best-selling dishes, etc.


Chat Support

24 x 7 support system for restaurants to resolve payment and order issues


Product Engineering

Admin Login

Easy Admin login process with a forgot password functionality.


Performance Dashboard

Dashboard to see the overall performance related to total users, orders, earnings, most popular and least popular dishes, most popular and least popular restaurants, etc.


Sub-admin Management

Authority to add, delete, enable, or disable any sub-admin and check the sub-admin activity logs.

Cloud And Devops

Customer Management

Easy customer management with a list of users, their profile, past and upcoming orders, and user data access.


Restaurant Management

Provision to manage the list of restaurants along with other details. Also, an authority to approve or reject the restaurant’s profile


Order Management

A streamlined order management process with the functionality to cancel any order and issue a refund.


Category management

Facility to update the categories from the admin panel to be reflected on the customer application.


Promotion management

Enabled offer notifications and promotion codes by admin to the users over their email id and in the user app.


Payment management

Transparent payment transactions through the stripe payment gateway and apple pay. Also, the admin rights to pay the restaurants.


Discover management

First review access to admin to approve or reject any video uploads by the restaurants before going live on customer portal under discover content section.


Customer feedback

The facility to view the customer ratings to any restaurants and other details like the date, time, and name of the customer.


Help Section

Help section to direct the admin to the zendesk pages for customers and restaurants.


Admin profile

Easy profile update or edit options for admin along with change password functionality.

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Development Process

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Technology Stack

Building scalable FoodTech products by leveraging cutting edge technologies.

Frontend & UX

React Native







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Frequently Asked Questions

What features do you offer in the user profile section?

We have filled the user profile section with features that not only allow you to keep a track of your recent orders but also your past orders. You can keep a track of payment options available, order status, edit the address, change the phone number or e-mail id, profile image, delivery instructions, security policy, terms & conditions, FAQs, and much more.

In case the order is taking too long or is left in the pending section, the user can simply cancel the order. There is an interesting option for all the people who love to plan everything in advance. Now, you can add food delivery services to your list. You can schedule your order in advance for both pick-up or delivery options by tracking your order from the pickup point to the destination consistently. This feature is ready to serve people with last-minute plans as well as the ones who follow a planned schedule.

How to use this application?

Follow these simple steps to effectively make use of this application:

 Sign up/log in with your credentials and verify your location.
 Choose from a long list of restaurants and meals on the dashboard screen.
 Filter your preferences in sections such as location, availability, delivery time, or ratings.
 Clear your payments with third-party integration. You can also add certain promo codes for discounts.
 As soon as the restaurant accepts the order, the delivery partner would be assigned to you.
 Make sure to provide the recent address of the destination, as the delivery person would follow the instructions provided by the app.
 You can track your upcoming order from the screen and can also add queries for the same.
Add a review after the delivery. Your review can add a smile to someone’s face and motivate them to keep delivering orders on time with the utmost dedication.
You can invite or refer your friends through the ‘my profile section’.

How does your app support system make things easier for the customers?

Our support system has been a priority and a major part of the process. We have understood the need to add valuable features to the app. We have made sure you don’t have to go through any more long irrelevant calls, ignored emails, or ambiguous promises.

We have equipped the application with a 24 x 7 chat support system. All your queries, right from the point you are brainstorming whether to order or not till the point you have your order in your hands, will be promptly answered.

You can check out the help section which would direct you to the ‘restaurants’ and ‘customers’ pages where all your queries are going to be answered by the respective restaurants or service providers. You would be provided timely answers to all your queries or complaints.  For clearing all your doubts regarding the food quality, do check out the favorite screen for watching the videos of the dishes they are opting for.

With just one tap, you will be presented with a list of details about the dish, restaurant, and video. All the happy customers can also put their favorite order videos on this app for other hungry tummies to watch.

Why choose ready FoodTech solutions compared to custom application development?

Custom application development involves a tedious multi-faceted procedure. Right from customer orientation to app deployment, multiple costs are incurred. Despite shelling out a huge amount of time and resources, the outcome doesn’t always do justice. Whereas, opting for ready FoodTech solutions can not only save your precious time but also assure you of optimum features at affordable costs. 

Moreover, a rapid entry into the market would mean you’re more capable and efficient to tackle the competition out there. Ready FoodTech solutions also promise supreme scalability and business-friendly customization. Unlike custom app development, ready FoodTech solutions provide on-demand app development services and support assistance. It’s as if you’d be aiming to establish your market presence as quickly as possible while simultaneously enjoying every app development feature you desire!

How is your app helping in making the food deliveries more convenient?

We have a variety of options that help the users to get every minute detail of the service and order they are looking for. For all the customers who are very particular about their food and nutrition, we have made a system through which they can get to know about all the details of the food they are opting for.

Search for the menu items in the corresponding restaurant and you will get all the details such as price, multiple images, food description, nutritional value, ingredients to be used, options for modifiers, special instruction section for adding any specific requirement in the food by the user, option for increasing or decreasing the item quantity, hygiene ratings, restaurant description, and estimated delivery time. 

Even if you cancel your order before the delivery arrives, you will be refunded the order amount to your wallet as per the refund policy. A well-defined refund policy here facilitates the users with full or partial payments as a refund in case they are opting for order cancellation. Users can also reorder the food items from the past orders while being able to add more dishes to such orders. Our app takes care of all the factors which add value to the customers’ experience and enhance their convenience.

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