Who we are

In 2016, we started OneAD - a gaming platform. In the very first month, we got more than half a million registered users. It was assured that we were moving in the right direction. In due course, we started to realize that with a growing user base, users’ expectations were also growing. We were a small team of 12 guys, who stuck together and rose to the occasion, and kept delivering. To be honest, we did not have the experience to handle such scalability, security, or stability issues. But, not only did we learn during the journey, but within 2 years we saw tremendous user growth to 30 million users. And yes, we achieved all the above while operating in bootstrap and did not spend a single dollar on paid marketing. In 2019, we finally took a humble exit.

This journey honed our skills to handle the next level applications. We realized two important aspects that were key to our success -


 Be open to making mistakes but move fast. (Rabbit)


 Be persistent in the pursuit of learning and avoid making the same mistakes. (Steady)

Now we starting a new journey with Steady Rabbit. What better way to serve than to utilize the lessons we learned and to make more venture dreams come true? With this vision, we now offer our deep technical expertise as IT services.

What is your dream project? Let’s discuss and make it a success.

Our Motto - Expect more from us. We are more then a technical partner; we are your business partner.

Why us

Specialist of Scalable Apps

Managed 500,000 concurrent users.

Your journey partner

Help build technology & businesses.

Deliver on time

We promise. We deliver.

Humanize designs

Focus on user acquisition and retention.

Don't Settle for Less!

Our Team

Sachin Bansal
Mudit Agarwal
Amit Sharma
Chief Architect

Frequently Asked Questions

Share some of the services that you offer for which clients approach you the most for?

Our key Application Development services include Product Engineering, Mobility, DevOps, Analytics, Product re-engineering and Testing. We offer both Web and Mobile Application development as well as custom application development. We are best suited for the Small and Medium Enterprise clients including Start-ups who are looking for timely delivery within specified budgets.

How to choose an application development services company?

Choosing the right application development services company for your project or idea is like choosing a crew to go sailing. Before making any decisions, double check the contractor with whom you will work with over the next few months, or sometimes even years, and more importantly, may decide on your future success. The key is to find out details of one of the most critical project that the company has delivered. This will give you a fair idea of the company’s capability. Another important point is professionalism, you want to have a reliable relationship with the application development services firm. Now that your shortlist becomes shorter, proceed to the next step in your verification process.

What are the biggest benefits of outsourcing to an application development services company?

Outsourcing application development can be a part of corporate strategy. Adopt planning directed to your core business, but that seek more agility, quality, and specialization in all processes. Besides the economies of scale, time, and cost control, you can optimize time for managers and professionals and expand your business in a structured way.

How to reduce application development cost?

Application development cost can be greatly optimised by following Agile methodology. Not only saving costs but improving the quality of work can be done by, using planning techniques prevents teams from getting lost due to unclear requirements and wrong assumptions, focusing on deliverables in the context of impacts they are supposed to achieve. It helps to reduce waste by preventing over-engineered solutions.

Agile project management is necessary due to the complexity of various application projects. Agile principles focus on improving its teams, processes, and product.

What are your company’s business model–in-house team or third party vendors/ outsourcing?

We have an in-house team. It allows us to work cohesively as a single group. Each team member is well versed with the agile methodology, which helps to cater to the most demanding situation of a business. Further, we believe in delivering quick and effective solutions. Having an in house team makes our business and technical processes seamless, both in terms of intra and inter team collaboration.

Awards & Recognitions