Case Study VKG Associates

Company Overview

VKG Associates is a Non-Performing assets management firm. They are specialised in debt collection and debt recovery services and provide a total solution in recovering long overdue debts.



Workflow related to follow-up actions on NPA.


Tool that tracks the client's transactions and accounts.



Created a tool that tracks the client's transactions and accounts.


Custom software that automates the recovery processing against non-payers.


Created a tool which shows early warning signals to identify borrowers at risk.



It reduces manpower follow-ups


Improvement in efficiency


Real-time informative reports.


Reduced delivery time and manpower required by 65%



AngularJs, Postman, JMeter, AWS, MySQL, NodeJs, Java


The most splendid thing we found about Steady Rabbit Technology is their work culture and time management skills.

Vinod Gupta

Legal Consultant

VKG Associates

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