Product Re-Engineering Services Details

Experience Design
Experience Design

By humanising your customer experience, greater customer acquisition and retention is ensured. We perform competitive benchmarking and user journey to ensure seamless customer experience

Web Development
Web Development

We aim to produce a customer centric web platform. Based on your requirement, we choose a suitable technology stack. Our processes ensure a minimal go-to-market time.


Build scalable and secure mobile solutions on the technology of your choice. We work on Native as well as Hybrid applications - Android, iOS, React, and Flutter.

Quality Testing and Engineering

Extensive testing ensures robustness.Our testing team has deep expertise in Web and Mobile Testing, Load and Performance Testing, A/B Testing, and Security Testing.


Mobile Gaming Platform
App loved by 30 Mn users
Ecommerce App
Targeting Next Billion Users
Franchise Management
Registered 23% increase in Revenue
Website Builder
Reduced Delivery Time by 60%
Don't Settle for Less!

Why us

Specialist of Scalable Apps

Managed 500,000 concurrent users.

Your journey partner

Help build technology & businesses.

Deliver on time

We promise. We deliver.

Humanize designs

Focus on user acquisition and retention.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Product Re-Engineering?

The aim of Product Re-Engineering is to modify a product, using the methods of Product Re-Engineering. It helps to optimize the performance of existing systems. How? Via product re-engineering, we are able to add new features and functionalities, while taking advantage of emerging technologies. The need to re-engineer may arise either due to fulfilling some business need to stay ahead of the competitor.

What are the core offerings of Steady Rabbit in Product Re-Engineering?

Steady Rabbit has evolved a unique 5 step process that helps to bring out the best outcome. We first perform an in-depth analysis of the existing system and functionalities. Further, we go throught the software code. Now we create a software specification document that details out the changes that would be required. Once it is signed off, we start the implementation. Lastly, periodic testing is conducted is conducted, which ensures a robust output.

Are there any differences between Product Engineering and Product Re-Engineering?

While Product Engineering is generally associated with creating a software platform from scratch, product re-engineering relates more to the revamping of the existing system.
Also, product re-engineering may also involve developing a new system by tweaking an existing software in the market.

However, other than the slight change in methodology between the two, all other tools and processes remain the same.

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